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    Sakaarans Members - Comic Vine (1)

    Team » Sakaarans appears in 23 issues.

    The native races of the planet Sakaar.

    Short summary describing this team.


    • Caiera Former slave to the Red King, she worked her way up to becoming the Lieutenant of his army. Eventually she turned on the King and allied with the Hulk. The two eventually married and she died pregnant with her twin sons of Hulk, Skaar and Hiro Kala
    • Chak
    • Elloe Elloe is a native of the planet Sakaar that becomes warbound with the Hulk during Planet Hulk.
    • Headman Bahng
    • Hiro-Kala Hiro-Kala was once an enslaved Shadow child. After the destruction of Sakaar, he learned of his heritage. He is the son of Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong. He began a mission to travel the universe and purge it of the Old-Power.
    • Hiroim Hiroim was a failed Shadow Priest turned Shadow Warrior turned slave then revolutionary alongside the Hulk on the planet Sakaar. He met his end on Earth after first coming to get revenge on the humans for the Hulk, yet he died saving human lives.
    • Kram One of Princess Omaka's guards. He left Skaar with Omaka to join Axeman Bone.
    • Lavin Skee Lavin Skee was of an alien race known as the Imperials on the planet Sakaar.
    • Lickspit
    • Lihla Lihla was the daughter of Axeman Bone and sworn herself to Hiro Kala. She remained at his side hoping for his love right up until her death.
    • Maeera
    • Maskless Sakaaran The Maskless Sakaaran is a Sakaaran soldier who worked for Ronan. He was killed by Yondu's arrow.
    • Miek Miek is an insectoid warrior, one of the last of his kind from the planet Sakaar. He becomes warbound with the Hulk during Planet Hulk.
    • Mung the Inconceivable Insectoid pillager and warlord, Mung the Inconceivable took it upon himself to wipe out humanity during the Warbound's invasion of Manhattan.
    • Old Sam The Clear-Eyed Shadows, Old Sam was a member of the same group as Caiera. He sought out her son, and has begun the journey to grant him the power of his birthright.
    • Omaka Princess Omaka an Imperial Prime like her Father, she has sworn to protect every innocent that was harmed by the Fillian Invaders.
    • Primus Vand
    • Red King The emperor of the planet Sakaar who took it over after making himself look like a hero.
    • Skaar Skaar is the son of the Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong, retaining the powers of both his parents. He traveled to Earth to strike his revenge against his father, but upon realization that his father was a good person, joined forces with him instead. Recently however, he was depowered by Doctor Green.
    • Warlord Would be new ruler of Sakaar that escaped prison following the Fall of the Red King. Battled the Hulk.
    • Yenrag One of Princess Omaka's guards. He does not follow her when she leaves Skaar to join Axeman Bone.

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    Sakaarans Members - Comic Vine (23)

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