Metal Sheds | Steel & Metal Garden Sheds (2024)

Do Metal Sheds Offer Good Security?

Yes, the robust security elements of metal sheds are one of their best features. All metal buildings provide unmatched security for garden buildings, which comes down to the use of metal as the exterior material.

Unlike other materials, metal is both durable and rigid, meaning it can’t be easily bent out of shape. Metal exteriors are also impervious to any regular material cutting or breaking tools, making them impenetrable. All this combines to create a building with very few vulnerabilities, ensuring safety for whatever you keep inside. Equip the entrance with a secure bolt and padlock, and you’ll have a fully secure shed.

How Much Maintenance Do Metal Sheds Need?

Most metal buildings need surprisingly little maintenance. This is because the metal exterior materials are generally equipped with a protective coating or layer that keeps the metal protected from environmental effects. This layer can sometimes be an additional sheet of a different material, or a layer of galvanisation.

Thanks to this, the amount of maintenance that’s required to keep these sheds in great condition is greatly reduced. We recommend repainting the exterior every five years to keep it looking its best, but not much else is needed other than a spray-down with a hose when it gets dirty.

Do Metal Sheds Suffer From Rusting?

Fear of rusting metal puts many people off buying a metal building. But a modern technique and material application mean that the risk of rusting on our metal sheds is now limited.

This is achieved in a couple of ways, the most widespread being a process called galvanisation. During galvanisation, steel or aluminium is dipped into bath of molten zinc to form a protective outer coating. This coating acts as a barrier for water and oxygen, which can’t then reach the steel, therefore preventing it from rusting. The galvanised layer usually lasts upwards of 35 years, giving you decades of rust-free use of your metal unit.

What Features Do Our Metal Sheds Provide?

Reliable Durability

Though our metal products are lighter than our wooden sheds, they're no less durable. Our hot-dipped galvanised steel layer underneath the surface protects the material from harsh weather elements and even prevents rust and corrosion. Our metal buildings can stand up to heavy rain, snow, and wind as well as (or better) than other materials; all whilst keeping your belongings secure and dry. But this is just one of the many advantages of metal sheds.

When it comes to safety, our metal units are naturally fire-retardant. If security is your concern, our sheds can be fitted with a heavy-duty lock (available to add-on at purchase) to deter thieves.

The Perfect Fit For Your Needs

Our selection of metal sheds has something for every garden and function. So whether you're after a large shed, a smaller bin or bike store, or a full-on metal workshop, we've got popular sizes available like our:

  • 8x3 shed and bin store.
  • 6x4 metal shed.
  • 6x6 bike store shed.
  • 8x6 shed.
  • A metal bike shed.
  • Or a cushion storage box.

And loads more in a variety of models and your choice of size. Plus, for buildings that let you choose how you use, we have an even larger range of buildings including a unique selection of metal garden rooms!

Choice of Floor Foundation or a Suitable Base

We've got a number of metal sheds with floors that come with a floor or foundation kit as standard. The in-built floors save you the hassle of having to create one yourself and provide you with a complete building as soon as you have purchased. Plus, as many of our metal garden storage models come available with foundation kits, you can anchor your shed to ensure security and longevity.

Simple to Assemble

Weighing a lot less than our wooden shed products, metal storage sheds are easier to assemble - you don't need to be a builder to put it all together!

We don't offer installation service because our metal garden sheds come in ready-to-assemble panels, easily slotting together with only a few handheld tools. All you have to do is follow the accompanying assembly instructions with your order to install it in your garden.

Do You Offer Delivery?

All buildings in our metal range are available for fast delivery to most of the mainland UK. On top of that, we offer free delivery to most postcodes in England and Wales. Visit our delivery page or speak to a member of our customer team to ask for details and delivery times.

How Can I Contact You?

We are easily contactable in a number of ways. Whether you want to talk through a product, discuss delivery options, or simply prefer buying over the phone, we are easy to reach and always happy to lend a hand. Get in touch using our contact form or call us on 01909 768840.

Metal Sheds | Steel & Metal Garden Sheds (2024)


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