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Payroll support, resources & FAQs

Our production payroll clients are our first priority. From product support to labor compliance help for your production, you’ve come to the right place. Find answers to your questions in our FAQs, or download helpful payroll, tax or workers’ compensation forms. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us.

Forms for Production Payroll

These forms will help you when processing payroll at CAPS.

Payroll Forms

Actors Weekly Time Sheet

Crew Timecard

Direct Deposit Request

Employee Start Form

Extras Voucher

Features Timecard

Job Registration Form w/ Foreign Travel

Kit Rental Form

Loan-Out Instructions

Loan-Out Start Form

Mileage Form

Timecard Completion Instructions

Contract Services Letter

Tax Forms

Federal Withholding

Form W-4

Form W-9 (blank)

Form W-9 – New CAPS, LLC

Form W-9 – New Payroll Associates, LLC

State Withholding Forms

To access yourCAPS W-2s from the last three years, please log in to the ETC portal here.

Guides and Orgs

Free production payroll resources to get you through the tricky stuff.

Labor Compliance Blog

Together with our parent company, Cast & Crew, we strive to keep you up-to-date on important federal and state changes as well as labor, wage and employment updates. Stay in the know by reading our blog:

Labor Compliance Blog

Commercial LAbor Guide

Get the free Commercial Labor Guide, your resource for all commercial union pay rates and rules. From Media Services and CAPS Payroll.

Get Your Free Guide

Software Support

PAYEES: For W2s, easy Direct Deposit and change of address, visit

PRODUCTION: Visit our Help Center for complete guides to our ETC onboarding and hours solution, CAPS Pay commercial HTG calculator or CAPS+ commercial accounting software. You can also call us at8885706180, or email our support teams directly below.


ETC: [emailprotected]
CAPS Pay: [emailprotected]
CAPS+: [emailprotected]

Quick Start Guides

ETC – Employee onboarding quick start guide

ETC – How to approve time cards with allocations quick start guide

ETC – How to manually submit a loan out request quick start guide

ETC – How to create a batch quick start guide

ETC – How to calculate a batch quick start guide

ETC – How to add multiple employees at once quick start guide

Training Sessions

If you are a current payroll client and want to schedule a moderated training session, please click on the product name below to send us your email request:

  • ETC
  • CAPS Pay
  • CAPS+

We will contact you shortly to schedule your session. To learn more about our CAPS accounting software in the meantime, click here.


Are you paid by CAPS and have a question? Check out our production employee FAQs below.

How do I access my W-2?

You can get a copy of your W-2 by visiting our portal If you have any trouble accessing the site please reach out to our support team at8885704650 or you can send us an email at [emailprotected].

How can I update my W-4 status?

You can update your W-4 information by visiting our portal at Need help? Buzz on over to the MyCast&Crew Help Center.

How do employees fill out my NYPFL waivers?

Employees should select a customized waiver form that corresponds to the payroll company under which their payroll is processed. Employees should fill in the Employee Information Section and the Employee Affirmation section, sign and date the form and submit it to [emailprotected] for processing. We will fill out the Employment Information section, sign and date the form and input the form into our payroll system to take effect, if valid.

Can I sign up for direct deposit?

Yes! We integrate with all major banks for easy Direct Deposit setup. Enable Direct Deposit in our portal at You can find a quick instructional video here.

Can you reissue my check?

Please email[emailprotected] with the check information. If you don’t have the information, please give us a call at 8885704650.

Questions about contributions or Motion Picture (MPIP) hours?

For all MPIP andcontribution questions, please send an email to [emailprotected]with the following information

  1. The first and last name we have on file
  2. The last four digits of the SSN
  3. The preferred email address
  4. The title of the project
  5. The week ending dates of the project
  6. A detailed message outlining the inquiry
Has my timecard been processed?

To check the status of your checks, you can send an email to[emailprotected]with dates worked and project name. If you don’t have that information, please give us a call at 8885704650.

What about garnishments?

For garnishment questions, please send an email to [emailprotected].

Can you verify my employment?

CAPS has selected The Work Number®service from Equifax to provide automated income and employment verifications. This service is used when you apply for a loan, need a reference check, lease an apartment or any other instance where proof of employment or income is needed.

To get started, provide the following information to the person requesting proof of employment or proof of employment plus income:

  1. Access to The Work Number via the webortelephone.
  2. Employer name or code:
  • CAPS Payroll:17679
  • CAPS Payroll Associates:17697
What is the MyCast&Crew portal?

The MyCast&Crew Employee portal is a one-stop-shop for all crew members to manage their personal information and access their payroll & tax related documents. Crew members that have been paid either by CAPS Payrolland/or by Cast & Crew can access theirpay stubs, W-2s, federal and state W-4 forms and manage their profile information (e.g, mailing address, phone number, etc.) from theirMyCast&Crewportal.

Having a Single Sign On (SSO) is not only convenient; it also allows Cast & Crew to provide ongoing security and functionality enhancements to all customers in one constantly improving interface.

Register with MyCast&Crew.

What is MFA?

MFA provides payroll data protection that relies upon additional methods, beyond just your password, to allow access to your account. It can use two or more factors to authenticate a user. In this case, MFA includes two steps to verify it’s really you trying to access your data, like your password and a code sent to your mobile phone.

FYI, the MFA we utilize is the same one used across the Cast & Crew family of companies. So if you also use software from CAPS or Media Services, for example, you’ll use the same login when you get to

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CAPS Support | CAPS payroll (2024)


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